Ludwig’s Twitch Subathon accidentally shut down early

Ludwig on TwitchTwitch: Ludwig

Almost coming up on 3 weeks of straight livestreaming on his Twitch subathon, Ludwig’s channel abruptly went offline on April 4, despite the subathon timer still having 16 minutes remaining. Thankfully, it was just a mistake, and the stream is back up and running.

The timer had reached as low as 3 minutes on April 4, but a slew of big gifted subs had sent it back over an hour.

It was slowly ticking down again, reaching 16 minutes remaining, when QTCinderella, Ludwig’s partner, entered the room and appeared to shut the stream down.

Why did Ludwig’s Subathon end?

Thankfully, QT has confirmed it was just a mistake, and that she hit the wrong button. The stream is back, and with 40 minutes on the timer.

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Ludwig had spoken on April 3 about potentially keeping the stream going as long as possible, up to the 31 day cap, to see if he could potentially beat Ninja’s record of 269,000 Twitch subs.

At the time the stream was shut off, Ludwig had 182,000 subscribers, according to Twitch Tracker.

However, Ludwig had also spoken about how he had not anticipated that the subathon would last this long, and had had to delay plans for a weekend away with QTCinderella.

Some fans were spamming chat to “free” him – by letting the timer run down and the stream end. However, it was very unexpected when the stream suddenly ended.

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Ludwig's subathon streamTwitch: Ludwig
Ludwig had been sleeping when the stream ended, but the timer still had time left.

Thankfully, it was only a mistake and things are back up and running.

At this point, it seems the only things that will end the stream is another accident like this, or Ludwig hitting the 31 day cap.