Ludwig is now banning Twitch fans who gift too many subs in his subathon

Ludwig on Twitch streaming subathonTwitch: Ludwig

As Ludwig’s seemingly never-ending Twitch ‘subathon’ rolls on, he’s had to introduce some new rules to keep things in moderation. To ensure people aren’t being reckless with their money, and to keep the community spirit, he’s now banning people for giving him too much money.

The idea of Ludwig’s subathon is that the stream will continue for as long as his viewers can make it, by subscribing and gifting ‘bits’ (a form of donation on Twitch).

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It’s been so successful that Ludwig is not the most-subbed to streamer on the platform, but he also has some concerns about how sustainable it all is.

As a result, the streamer introduced a cap of 100 gifted subs per viewer. However, as viewers could use multiple tricks to get around this cap, he has now instructed his mods to ban anyone gifting more.

Ludwig on streamTwitch: Ludwig
Ludwig’s subathon has taken his subcount to over 100,000.

Ludwig banning big gifters

Prior to the cap being in place, some individual viewers had gifted thousands of subs, with one of the highest spending almost $7,000 on gifted subs alone.

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During his stream, Ludwig explained some of his concerns with this. “Since I can’t know where that money is coming from, whether it’s mom’s bank account or just some booming business that some dude has, it doesn’t feel appropriate sometimes.

“100 gifted is still a lot of gifted,” he continued. “That’s 500 bucks! We have 60,000 people [here], if 1%, 600 people, gift 100 subs, uh oh, that is 60,000 subs. That’s everything we did in the past week. I’ll be here for another seven days.”

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“My problem,” Ludwig concludes, “is that people are spending too much money, and it’s a bit uncomfortable. I want to curb the amount of money spent, at a 100 gift sub cap.”

There are methods to get around this cap though, as some viewers quickly identified, such as using another account or separate transactions. So, to enforce the rule, the mods are now instructed to ban viewers gifting too many subs. Their bans will be lifted at the end of the subathon.

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Ludwig ban warningTwitch: Ludwig
Viewers are warned about potential bans in the chat.

There is also a cap for viewers donating too many bits, who could also face a ban until the subathon ends.

Currently, estimates put Ludwig’s sub count at 109,000 at the time of writing. This is a monumental increase of more than double his subs since the subathon started over a week ago.

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