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Ludwig breaks Ninja’s all-time Twitch sub record during subathon

Published: 27/Mar/2021 16:42 Updated: 13/Apr/2021 22:31

by Julian Young


As Ludwig nears the end 31-day subathon, fans got to witness him claim the title of most-subbed Twitch streamer ever by surpassing the impressive record formerly held by Ninja.

Already one of the most popular and unique streamers on Twitch, Ludwig Ahgren — simply known as Ludwig by his fans — has captivated the platform for nearly two weeks as his insane subathon continues to drag on.

His idea of a “never-ending” Twitch stream where each sub adds to its total duration has quickly evolved from an interesting concept to a full-blown phenomenon, as Ludwig has almost a month of streaming under his belt, with the end finally in sight.


Having already acquired more subs than any other creator on Twitch in the last month (with an eye-watering 124,353 subs when this article was originally written), many were starting to wonder if Ludwig could beat out Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins as the most-subbed Twitch streamer in the platform’s history.

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Ludwig’s all-time sub count is already closing in on half of Ninja’s impressive record.

Back in April of 2018, Blevins set the platform’s record for highest all-time sub count with a jaw-dropping 269,154 active subscriptions. While other streamers like Ranboo and Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek have broken 100k subs in the past, no one had come close to topping Ninja’s record.

On March 22, Ludwig confirmed he had claimed his spot as Twitch’s most-subbed streamer at the time, and said “This was my dream when I first started streaming three years ago.” He also secured his place as the second most-subbed streamer ever, with only Ninja having more subs back in 2018.


Ludwig once again ignited the community’s hype around his never-ending stream by announcing a “Double Sub Power Hour” occurring on March 27 at noon (PST). During that hour, each sub will add an additional 20 seconds to the stream timer instead of the typical 10 seconds.

Finally, on April 13, Ludwig broke Ninja’s record and became the new most-subbed Twitch streamer of all time, the same day his marathon stream was set to end.

The Twitch community waited long to see if he could pull it off, and their patience was rewarded when Ludwig finally ended up making another mark on the platform’s history by unseating Ninja from his all-time sub count throne after a long, three-year reign.