Jake Paul responds to sexual assault allegations by TikToker Justine Paradise

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Jake Paul has responded to TikToker Justine Paradise’s allegation of sexual assault, and plans to peruse legal action in light of the recently published video.

Updated April 13

Jake Paul published a statement on April 13 in response to the allegations of sexual assault by Justine Paradise. Paul fully denied the claims.

jake paul sexual assault allegations claimsJake Paul Twitter
Paul responded to Paradise’s claims via Twitter.

The YouTuber also said he will be “pursuing this defamation of character case to the fullest extent of the law.”

Original story follows below.

Paradise has roughly 520,000 followers and over 70 million likes on TikTok, but is definitely not as big of a name compared to the younger Paul brother.

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On March 31, Paradise posted a TikTok claiming she had been assaulted while signing an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) at a “famous YouTuber’s house,” that has since racked up more than 1 millions views and climbing.

In follow up TikToks she said she would be putting out a YouTube video with more information at a later date, and on April 9, Paradise uploaded a video where she named Jake Paul as the person who allegedly assaulted her.

The story, according to Justine, begins when she texted an acquaintance she called “Michael” asking to hang out. Upon arriving at the address “Michael” sent her, it turns out to be the one and only Team 10 house, where she had to sign an NDA immediately upon arriving.

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“I was a little thrown off, I didn’t even know we would be going to the Team 10 House,” Paradise explained, before explaining her alleged interaction with Jake Paul. “Then Jake came up to me and asked me for my phone number. He was really awkward, I don’t know if it was just me, but he was really awkward when he was talking to me.”

The earliest text Paradise claims she has between her and Paul is dated June 1, and the last one was received on July 20, the day she claimed to have been assaulted. In that time she said she went to the Team 10 house multiple times, but things remained awkward between her and Paul, comparing the relationship to a “middle school crush.”

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Content warning: video below contains graphic description of sexual assault.

July 20 is when Justine said the alleged sexual assault incident happened, and according to her it began with Jake Paul grabbing her hand and leading her to his room.

“We were dancing in his room, then we were like kissing and stuff, and then he like took it to his bed,” she explained. “Normally, everybody respects me when I don’t want to do sexual things, so I thought it was fine I went in his room, and I thought it would be fine to kiss him, because I thought he would stop if I didn’t want to do anything else.”

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Paradise claims in the video that eventually Paul got fed up and said “well if nothing’s going to happen, what’s the point?” before standing up and assaulting her, after she had made it clear she wasn’t interested in sex.

“I couldn’t tell him not to, he didn’t ask for consent or anything. Like, he knew I didn’t want to do anything with him, because he said ‘if nothing’s going to happen, what’s the point?'” she continued, adding that after the alleged incident, Paul cut off all communication with her.

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Jake Paul on a Clubhouse callYouTube: Jake Paul Random
Paul hasn’t responded to the allegations of sexual assault yet.

Jake Paul, who is currently preparing for his fight against MMA fighter Ben Askren happening on April 17, hasn’t responded to the allegations at the time of writing, but we will update this piece with any new information that comes out.

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