Ludwig flooded Hasan’s bathroom attempting to secretly install Swipe bidet

Ludwig in a YouTube video about flooding Hasan's bathroom.YouTube: Ludwig

Ludwig’s new company launch got off to a rocky start as the Mogul Mail content creator accidentally flooded Hasan’s bathroom while trying to secretly install a Swipe bidet onto the existing toilet.

On October 15, Ludwig shocked the world with the announcement of Swipe, his secret bidet company that he called the “greatest” product on the market.

While most of the launch appears to have gone off without a hitch, there is some behind-the-scenes footage which shows that the first Swipe installation was a bit of a disaster thanks to a plumbing-related blunder

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How Ludwig accidentally flooded Hasan’s bathroom installing Swipe bidet

The video starts with Hasan reacting to Ludwig’s master plan. Not only did Lud absolutely sneak into Hasan’s bathroom while the Twitch star was streaming, but he also carried in the Swipe and began the installation process without ever raising suspicion.

It wasn’t until Mr. Mogul hit a snag with the draining process that things went off the rails entirely.

The floor of Hasan’s bathroom quickly ended up flooding and forced the YouTube star to figure out a quick plan to get things in order.

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The team eventually worked out a plan to clean it all up, but it was pretty convoluted. Most confusingly, it included sending Ludwig to distract Hasan while the messy aftermath, which was cleaned up with paper towels he found under the bathroom sink, was carefully extricated from the bathroom and out the front door.

Of course, Hasan genuinely had no idea any of this was going on until watching the footage back, so he was just as shocked as the viewers to see how that night really went down.

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“This mother****er came to my house and flooded it as the test,” he said.

At the end of the day, Hasan wasn’t too upset about the whole ordeal, but it surely must have been strange to walk into that bathroom and realize that the toilet looked different than it did before.

The political commentator wasn’t the only one who got this treatment though, as Ludwig visited former Fortnite pro Myth’s place (and accidentally broke his toilet), and then rounded things out by getting busted by Sykkuno before finishing the installation at his house.

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