Can you unsend a message on TikTok?

. 7 months ago
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If you’re a frequent user of TikTok, there’s no doubt you’ve sent plenty of DMs to your friends on the app as a way of sharing your favorite viral content. But is there a way to delete a message once you’ve sent it?

TikTok has consistently proven itself to be one of the most popular social media apps out there right now, becoming a hub for all kinds of viral content on the internet.

It’s home to a whole host of different communities, who all manage to generate dozens of viral trends and popular videos that take the internet by storm.

Community is a huge focus for the app, and along with being able to publicly Duet and Stitch other users’ videos, you are also able to easily DM your friends using the private message function.

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Unsplash: Solen Feyissa
TikTok usage is increasing by the day.

This can be used both for text chat, and for privately sharing videos that came up on your For You Page that you liked enough to send to a friend.

Many of us have had that moment of panic when we realize we’ve sent a video to the wrong person — but is there actually a way to delete a direct message once you’ve sent it?

Can you delete messages on TikTok

Unfortunately, you are currently unable to unsend a message on TikTok.

When you press and hold a message you’ve sent in the inbox tab, you are given the option to ‘delete’ it; however, this doesn’t actually delete the message for the recipient.

As the TikTok website states: “You can delete or mute notifications for a conversation from your message list. If you delete a conversation, it only deletes it for you. The person you sent the messages to can still see the messages.”

It’s not clear whether the ability to delete a message on both ends will be made available in the future, but for now, you’ll only be able to remove messages from your own device.

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