Can you see what someone else likes on Instagram?

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On Instagram, you may be wondering whether there’s any way to see what other people have liked on the app — but can you see what other users have liked on Instagram in 2023?

Instagram is one of the most popular ways to share pictures and videos online and has been for many years now. Users can share content in the form of stories, reels, and more, and interact with the range of content that’s available on the platform.

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If you’re ever curious about what you’ve double-tapped throughout your time on the app, Instagram allows you to easily view what you’ve liked via your profile page.

You may have also wondered whether it’s possible to see what your friends or accounts you’re following have liked — but is this possible in 2023?

Instagram logo on phoneUnsplash: Luke van Zyl
Instagram is still a hugely popular social media platform.

Can you see what someone likes on Instagram?

No, you are no longer able to see exactly what other people have liked on Instagram. Previously, there was a ‘following’ tab that gave users updates about what people they followed were interacting with on the app, including posts they liked and commented on.

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Not everyone was a huge fan of this feature, and in 2019, Instagram ended up removing it, meaning it’s no longer easy to track what content people are interacting with.

You are, however, able to click on the likes beneath a photo to see a list of people who have liked it, as long as that option has been made available by the original poster, so this can be one way to see whether someone you know has liked a particular image.

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There are third-party apps that claim to help you find out this information, but it’s not clear how safe or accurate they are.

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