Ludwig explains how he got “alone time” with QTCinderella during subathon

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During the latest CouRage and Nadeshot Show, Ludwig revealed exactly how he managed to get some alone time with his girlfriend during the subathon.

When it comes to notable moments in Twitch’s history, Ludwig’s subathon will certainly be on the list. The online personality live-streamed for 31 days nonstop, gaining over 282,000 subscribers in total.

Not only did this result in an unbelievable amount of money for Ludwig, but it also broke the all-time most subscribed streamer record. Of course, during this period, Ludwig had very little time for himself as the vast majority of his time was spent on camera.

As he has a girlfriend, QTCinderella, a lot of his fans were wondering how and when he got any privacy with her. Well, during the CouRage and Nadeshot podcast, Ludwig revealed how he managed to get some “alone time” with his girlfriend.

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Ludwig has 1.5 million subscribers on YouTube.

Ludwig reveals how he got “alone time” with his girlfriend

Although Ludwig achieved an incredible amount with his subathon, he did have to sacrifice a lot of his privacy. During the podcast, Nadeshot expressed that “everyone has needs” and asked Ludwig how he got any privacy with his girlfriend.

Ludwig’s response revealed that he may have had more time to himself than it first appeared.

“We’ll not get into the nitty-gritty of it… but I would throw on a video for like an hour when I would go shower, I had alone time, I did, the stream was running.”

It’s clear Ludwig had to schedule breaks at certain points to give himself a little time away from the camera. After weeks of non-stop streaming, anyone would need an hour occasionally to take some time to themselves.

Topic starts at 9:50

Despite all of the success gained from his subathon, Ludwig has already revealed why he’s never going to do another again. It’s obvious he believes that a second time around wouldn’t be as special and would likely not be as popular with his fans.

For now, he holds the most-subscribed streamer record and still has over double the amount of any other personality on the platform.