Ludwig explains why he’ll never do another Twitch subathon again

Jacob Hale
Ludwig says he'll never do subathon again

With his record-breaking, month-long ‘subathon’ coming to an end, Twitch streamer Ludwig Ahgren has explained why he’ll never do it again.

Ludwig’s subathon has caused an absolute stir on the internet. For those uninitiated, he hasn’t stopped streaming since March 14, with new subscriptions adding extra time on to his total streaming hours required. This has seen him reach a month-long stream, finally ending on the evening of April 13.

In that time, he managed to beat Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins’ record for all-time Twitch subscribers in a feat so impressive, even Ninja congratulated the streamer.

While it has no doubt been historic for Ludwig, and certainly provided him a decent payday, the star says he won’t be doing it again for one key reason.

Ludwig’s stream is close to hitting Twitch’s 31 day cap.

Discussing the incredible feat in the final day of his stream, Ludwig compares the subathon to major Hollywood productions, suggesting it would be an injustice to this subathon to do another one.

“The reason I would never do one again is very simple,” Ludwig says. “And it’s the reason why you shouldn’t make a sequel to the movie The Hangover… It’ll never be as good as the original.”

He continued: “How the f**k am I going to top something that happened magically, out of the blue, for a planned 24-hour stream that ended up going a month, breaking records, by just saying I’m going to do the same thing again? F**k that.”

Ludwig did have a moment of realization shortly after saying this, however, and added that “doing it from space would be cool.”

Like he says, a random month-long stream that has brought him unfounded levels of success isn’t something that can be easily replicated — but doing so in space really would be a level up.

On April 11, Ludwig announced that all subscriber money made from the final day of his subathon would be going to charity, marking a very bright spot to see out a stream that has certainly changed his life.

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