Ranboo reaches 100k Twitch subs again as Ludwig loses over 50k after subathon ends - Dexerto

Ranboo reaches 100k Twitch subs again as Ludwig loses over 50k after subathon ends

Published: 21/Apr/2021 16:28

by Alex Garton


A huge shift has occurred in the Twitch subscriber leaderboard with Ludwig losing over 5ok since his Subathon and Ranboo reaching 100k subscribers for the second time.

As Twitch has become more and more popular over the years, top streamer subscriber counts have continued to go up. This was only accelerated by the introduction of Prime subscriptions, which allowed Amazon Prime members to sub to one streamer every month completely free of charge.

From the rise of Ninja back in 2018 to Ludwig’s recent Subathon that broke the all-time record, sub counts on Twitch have never been higher and it’s interesting to keep track of who has the most at any time.


Well, this week there’s been a significant change in the subscriber leaderboard on Twitch involving both Ludwig and Ranboo.

Ludwig Twitch
Twitch: Ludwig
Ludwig is one of the most popular streamers on Twitch.

Ranboo hits 100k subs – again

According to sub statistics tracked by the TwitchTracker database, there have been some significant shifts in the Twitch sub leaderboard this week.

As expected, Ludwig has lost over 50k subscribers following his recently concluded Subathon, taking his total to 225 thousand. This drop-off is due to the number of gifted subs that were donated that have not been renewed. It’s worth noting that Ludwig remains by far the most subscribed streamer on the platform.

Despite this, Minecraft streamer Ranboo has taken the number two spot on the leaderboard, reaching over 100,000 subscribers for the second time. This is no surprise given his explosive growth and popularity over the last few months.


Although it’s unlikely he’ll reach Ludwig anytime soon, it’s still an unbelievable sub count.

Sub Leaderboard
Twitch Tracker
Here are the top 10 most subscribed Twitch streamers.

As always, it’ll be interesting to see which streamers climb the sub count ranks over the next few months. With xQc planning on doing his very own Subathon, it’s very likely that he will take the spot in the near future.

xQc currently sits in 3rd, with 73,000, followed by NICKMERCS, with 67,000.

For now, Ludwig still has over double the subscribers of any other streamer and now holds the record for the most active subs at any one point.