Ludwig defends EEVisu after cheating controversy in OTK’s Schooled

Dylan Horetski
Ludwig EEVisu Cheating

YouTuber Ludwig Ahgren thinks it’s a “bummer” that EEvisu will always be known as a cheater outside of the Smash Bros community after admitting to cheating on the finale of Mizkif’s show Schooled. 

Just like Ludwig’s former Twitch show ‘Mogul Money,’ Mizkif partnered with sponsors to create his own show ‘Schooled’ in 2021.

However, it has been the center of more than one cheating scandal — with the most recent being EEvisu during the Season 2 finale episode on April 25, 2022. It was the final straw for Mizkif, who announced he is done with the series.

In a Mogul Mail video, Ludwig explained that he thinks it’s a “bummer” that EEvisu will always be known as a cheater to the community, mentioning he’s “too funny” and “too talented.”

Ludwig talks about EEvisu cheating on Schooled

Ludwig concluded his video on April 26 with a message directed at EEvisu. In his message, he explained that his situation is similar to Alinity’s cat scandal.

“This is so bad because you’re too funny. You’re too sharp… you’re too talented for this to be what people know you as. This is what 100,000 people are going to know you as. As the cheater from Schooled. It’s how it works on the internet.

“The pocket that you live in — they don’t care… but your talents reach beyond that in my mind. It’s a bummer that hundreds of thousands of people will never give you an opportunity because you’ll always be just a cheater.”

(Topic starts at 12:16

He went on to explain that EEvisu’s situation is similar to how millions of people wouldn’t give Alinity a chance after her viral cat scandal.

“It took years, and time hanging around Mizkif for people to give her a chance. However, it took years and it still sticks by her,” he explained.

The Twitch streamer apologized for cheating in a video on Twitter, making ExtraEmily the winner of the $50,000 finale episode.

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