Alinity explains her side of Twitch cat scandal to CodeMiko: ‘I deserved the hate’

Alinity talks with CodeMiko on TwitchInstagram/alinitydivine/Twitch/codemiko

Twitch star Natalia ‘Alinity’ Mogollon delved deeper into her infamous cat-tossing scandal while appearing on virtual streamer CodeMiko’s broadcast.

Back in July 2019, Alinity was accused of animal abuse after a clip of her appearing to throw her cat over her shoulder during a heated game of Apex Legends went viral.

The incident quickly spread amongst the Twitch community, eventually leading to animal protection services conducting an investigation, where they ultimately determined she had “no malicious intent.”

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Nevertheless, the incident remains relevant to this day, with CodeMiko receiving backlash for inviting Alinity on her stream – something the virtual star was “disappointed” by and even angry over.

According to Alinity, however, CodeMiko shouldn’t feel bad for people getting mad about inviting her on.

“This is how I see it, if all that you know about me is the clips and the things that have been on LSF, (livestream fails) I don’t blame you for hating me,” Mogollon explained.

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“Here’s the thing, I know that you’re a nice girl, because I’ve seen more sides of you,” CodeMiko retorted. “And those clips have happened such a long time ago! If we’re real, it’s been awhile and you don’t deserve all that hate.”

While CodeMiko took aim at Alinity’s haters, her fellow streamer understood their stance and even claimed at the beginning that she “deserved it.”

“There’s a difference between being the type of person that does sh*t regularly to hurt others and hurt animals versus me just having a moment in which I really f**ked up,” the Colombian-Canadian explained. “But I had never done something like that before and I have never done something like that afterward.”

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Alinity went on to state that while she had “moments of stupidity,” she dealt with them through the appropriate channels, such as inviting the SPCA into her house and apologizing repeatedly. The problem, however, is that people don’t directly see those things.

“People don’t go like ‘Oh, I hate Alinity. I’m going to go see if she’s ever apologized.’ No, they go ‘Oh, she’s never apologized,’” she added. “I’ve apologized so much about it and I admitted it was really f**ked up.”

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She further added that while she’s sure there are people who hate her because they care about her cats, she takes really good care of them, despite the fact she’s mildly allergic and even had to get surgery in order to keep them.

Hopefully, with more people seeing this side of the streamer, the hate she endures will finally dissipate.

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