Ludwig “sued” by Nintendo over Super Smash Bros tournament

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Ludwig claimed Nintendo took legal action against him to stop him from modifying a Super Smash Bros. level for his tournament back in July 2023.

Ludwig has become one of the biggest YouTubers and streamers over the years, and he has often shown his love for Super Smash Bros.

He has also been widely known for hosting various Smash events, where in July 2023 he hosted his tournament The Ludwig Ahgren Championship Series.

Nintendo has since revealed major changes to their tournament guidelines for carrying out Smash Ultimate events, which has infuriated fans.

Off the back of this, Ludwig has shared that he was being “sued” by Nintendo for his own tournament in relation to these same guidelines.

The Super Smash Bros Melee roster
Nintendo’s new guidelines have enraged the Smash community.

Ludwig claims Nintendo “sued” him over Super Smash Bros. tournament

He uploaded a YouTube video to his channel to address the situation, which was titled: “I got sued by Nintendo.”

Ludwig began: “Hi, I’m Ludwig and I got sued by Nintendo. It actually happened a few months ago, but I feel like it’s worth bringing up now because of some huge drama and updates that have come out of the Smash scene.”

He claimed that the Japanese giant has issued him a “Notice of Infringement of Intellectual Property,” for his Super Smash Bros. tournament: “The Ludwig Ahgren Championship Series,” in July.

It was described as a “baby cease and desist” letter by the creator, which he explained meant that he had to “stop” running Smash tournaments if Nintendo’s rules were not followed.

According to the YouTuber, they took legal action due to his plans to modify the Pokemon Stadium level in the game to make it more competitive by freezing moving parts called known as transformations.

Nintendo is like, ‘Hey, we don’t like when you modify our game. Please don’t modify our game!’ So, I didn’t. I didn’t do that. And instead, we left the transformations on,” he explained.

Ludwig explained in freezing the transformations: “It was basically, less luck involved because some stages and transformations are good for other characters and not so good for other characters.”

“Leffen was losing very badly to Cody Schwab, he had 110%, Cody had 14%. Transformation came up and Leffen using the back wall got a huge combo and ended up beating Cody and winning the tournament,” he further commented.

At the time of writing, there have been no further updates regarding the situation.

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