Ludwig chimes in on Mizkif’s return to OTK

Ludwig (Left), Mizkif (right)YouTube: Mogul Mail (Left), Mizkif (Right)

YouTube content creator Ludwig was left with mixed feelings after OTK announced that their private investigation into Mizkif allegations found him not guilty.

OTK started off 2023 by announcing that Mizkif, a streamer who allegedly had helped cover up a sexual assault incident between streamers CrazySlick and Adrianah Lee, was found not guilty in the investigation that they performed with a third-party law firm.

Ludwig reacted to the investigation results in the Mogul Mail video titled “Huge Update on Twitch Drama” uploaded on January 1, 2023.

“A lot of the original claims of Mizkif covering up sexual assault don’t seem to be true,” said Ludwig. “What is true, and what OTK did punish him for were his actions on his comeback stream October 11, which demonstrated a lack of empathy and ignorance towards the seriousness of the situation.”

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Ludwig reacts to Mizkif’s return to OTK

Ludwig said that the community was “understandably upset” about the investigation into Mizkif, as it was essentially OTK investigating itself. But he also stated that in such a case no one else really could investigate as no charges were pressed.

The content creator concluded that it seems that a lot of the claims against Mizkif in regard to the alleged coverup did not hold up.

But he did criticize Mizkif for his “comeback stream” during the peak of this controversy.

“He (Mizkif) suddenly went I’m gonna come back and I’m gonna stream. And that’s fine, the investigation wasn’t over,” said Ludwig. “But his comeback stream was to put it lightly embarrassing.”

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Ludwig concluded: “Although it doesn’t seem like anything involving sexual assault coverup is true, it is true that he made an inappropriate joke about sexual harassment, and had some unsavory clips.”

Mizkif was absolved by OTK of all of the accusations against him, but the organization is still experiencing backlash for Rich Campbell who allegedly sexually assaulted multiple victims.