Mizkif cancels $50K Twitch quiz show after yet another cheating scandal: "I'm done" - Dexerto

Mizkif cancels $50K Twitch quiz show after yet another cheating scandal: “I’m done”

Published: 26/Apr/2022 9:00 Updated: 26/Apr/2022 7:56

by Dave Deiley


Mathew ‘Mizkif’ Rinaudo’s Twitch game show ‘Schooled’ has run it’s last episode. The creator and host declared ‘I’m done’ after the season 2 finale was rocked with another cheating controversy.

Throughout it’s time ‘Schooled’ has struggled with cheating controversy. The trivia-based game show, in which participants answer questions at home for a cash prize, has been the perfect combination of opportunity and reward for would-be cheaters.

Since its inception, Mizkif has been open about the cheating that has been admitted to occur during the show’s run. This has led to viewers becoming hyper-sensitive to any potential cheating slip-ups.


The April 26 episode has seen yet another scandal shake the foundations of Schooled, with the winner of $50,000, Smash caster ‘EEvisu,’ heavily doubted about the veracity of his win.

Twitch: Mizkif
Fans of the show have noted the reflection of what appears to be a phone in the hands of eventual winner EEvisu.

Answering the question “Who wrote the social contract”, EEvisu turned around following the game rules, to avoid accusations of cheating by looking up the answer on his computer.

While looking down, a reflection can be seen in his glasses, viewers have been quick to accuse EEVisu of wrongdoing. “I tuned in to his stream for the final question and it was even more obvious than [the original] clip that he looked at a screen then wrote down the answer,” one fan said.


Other users linked through to an image much like the one above saying “Here’s a zoomed in picture with color correct, you can see his thumb on the phone and you can tell that’s not his clipboard, it’s two objects.”

Throwing even greater doubt into the mix is that EEvisu has openly admitted to cheating before, albeit on a different platform. “When he was handing me his deck, and shuffling mine, I slipped two cards out of his deck.”

Mizkif’s comments on the longevity of Schooled amidst the cheating drama.

Mizkif was seen being fairly beaten by the cheating controversy. Despite initially claiming “EEvisu won, fair and square,” he also seemed to declare the end of ‘Schooled’ as a gameshow, saying “I’m done. I’m over it,” and “I just can’t do this anymore.”


Not everyone is mad about the existence of cheating, with fellow Twitch streamer and ‘Schooled’ contestant Kristofer Yee saying “whether or not the integrity was there it doesn’t matter. It pulled great numbers and I still think it was really good content.”

Indicating that maybe, as long as it’s entertaining, then there’s no push for the show to need to be true to life.