Ludwig briefly “breaks” YouTube contract after stream mishap: “Oh s**t, I’m on Twitch”

Alan Bernal
ludwig twitch youtube

YouTube’s Ludwig made an accidental return on Twitch that surprised everyone, including himself, after an apparent stream mix-up.

The brief return gave Twitch viewers a freshly cut Lud clip lasting about 3o seconds, from the time he switched on the screen to his “oh sh*t” moment before making an exit.

While the stream starred Ludwig, if you want to see his Twitch return, you’ll need to head over to his long-time friend’s channel, slimeIRL. The two simulcasted Smash Summit 12 throughout the weekend, which explains why Ludwig went live on the wrong platform.

“[The reason I started my stream late] is because I went live [on Twitch] and broke my YouTube contract,” Ludwig joked while showing the clip. “I accidentally went live on slime’s channel. That’s the clip they’re going to play at the hearing.”

[Relevant segment is between 0:51 to 2:02]

People were confused to see YouTube’s latest exclusive signing on Twitch due to the streaming mishap. Ludwig believed he’d started up his YT stream and was confused after people were spamming ‘LateWig’ in his chat like he wasn’t there.

That’s when he realized what was actually going on and quickly corrected his course: “Everyone’s spamming late, and I’m like ‘I’m not f**king late, I’m literally live… Oh wait.’”

You could see the different beats in Lud’s face believing he was live on YT before realizing he was in the wrong neighborhood of the streaming industry. Only then did reality sink, leading him to drop a quick “oh sh*t. I’m on Twi—.”

The latest gem in YouTube’s streaming-crown joked that the fans would soon see an Alphabet Inc. vs Ludwig trial, where he’ll defend himself by denying the stream and saying he “calls everything ‘Twitch.’”

It’s hard to imagine the company banning Ludwig (again) for this faux pas since the clip only serves as a reminder that Twitch’s most recognizable face is now on YouTube.