Ludwig explains why he left Twitch in shock YouTube move

Ludwig talking to camera in blue shirtYouTube: Mogul Mail

Streaming star Ludwig ‘Ludwig’ Ahgren stunned the internet when he revealed that he’d be swapping Twitch for YouTube after three years. Now, he’s explained his reasons behind the move.

Over the last few years, it’s become pretty commonplace to see streamers swapping platforms in big-money deals.

On November 29, Ludwig – who had been with Twitch for three years – dropped a bombshell that not many saw coming, as he revealed that he’d be swapping the Amazon-owned platform for YouTube.

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With Ludwig being so attached to Twitch, the move genuinely stunned many fans, who quickly quipped about how much money he’d be making. However, that’s not his only reason for the move – even if he is getting a big deal from YouTube.

Ludwig streaming on TwitchTwitch: Ludwig
Ludwig broke the Twitch record as the most-subbed streamer.

Ludwig explains his YouTube switch

In his ‘Why I left Twitch’ explanation, the streaming star noted that he was initially using YouTube as leverage for his next Twitch contract. “I’m a Twitch guy, there are people out there who think of Twitch and think of me,” he said. “When I think of my own identity, I think of Twitch!”

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However, as he held more talks and thought about it, YouTube just started to make more sense, but he wasn’t entirely sure. “Like, I love streaming,” Ludwig added. “But what actually makes me the happiest is just making dope s**t, making things that I think are cool – and hopefully some others do too. Things like Mogul Money, things like the Christmas album, the kickball tournament.”

He ended up using a coin flip to aid his decision – and the coin landed in favor of Twitch. Though, as he let YouTube know he’d be staying with Twitch, they “fought” for him.

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“And I realized, in that moment, that even though I’ve been with Twitch for three-plus years, even though people have called me the ‘golden boy’ of Twitch, I’ve never felt particularly loved by Twitch. I love Twitch, but it hasn’t been a two-way street,” he added, noting YouTube even reduced the required amount of hours he’d have to stream per month, which gives him more time to do the “cool s**t” he wants to do.

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Ludwig acknowledged that he had fear over the move as it’s “scary,” but it’s not like he’s joining a start-up. He’s headed to the “biggest website in the world for posting content.”

While some streamers who have swapped Twitch for YouTube have complained about certain features – mainly the chat and directory – Ludwig has even got an extension viewers can use to feel a bit more comfortable, and bring their Twitch name over to YouTube if they haven’t already.

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He kickstarts his new journey on November 30th and fans will eagerly await what else comes from the move, especially as he plans to ramp up his other projects like The Yard and Mogul Money game show.

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