Logan Paul explains why KSI fight was one his biggest achievements

YouTube: Logan Paul

As we enter the start of a new decade, Logan Paul has taken the time to reflect back on the defining moments of his 2019, recounting charitable acts and shedding new light on various highlights.

From reaching over 20 million subscribers on YouTube to selling out the Staples Center, Logan Paul’s stock continued to rise over the course of the past 12 months and the internet sensation has taken a look back at his year’s biggest moments.

While not every moment in his lengthy recollection was full of joy, nine memories stood out the most in 2019 for the content creator, and Paul was more than willing to expand on why some had more impact than others.

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Instagram: loganpaulMeeting his new best friend in Broley Blue, the adoption of Paul’s husky stood out as one of his best moments in 2019.

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Starting out a January 1 Instagram post, the 24-year-old focused on one of his more gruesome injuries from the year, a pulled hamstring that was brutally exaggerated after competing in the YouTube Challenger Games.

“The real problem was me trying to run the relay, and running the 100m and just pulling it and repulling it, next thing you know I’m slowly turning into Thanos,” Paul explained throughout an August 5 vlog. 

Despite the state of the injured muscle, he detailed that the injury was only made “10x worse” after “two weeks” of partying in Ibiza. Allowing no time for the wound to heal, his entire thigh became bruised and swollen as a direct result, standing out as one of his most distinct memories of 2019 for all the wrong reasons.

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Another standout moment for the YouTuber in 2019 came upon receiving a Streamy award for his podcast, the Impaulsive Show. 

“We’ve been saying it, but the world finally caught up…ImpaulsiveShow was awarded ‘Podcast of The Year’ at the 2019 Streamys awards.”

“Holy sh*t this show has changed my life & people’s perception of me,” he stated, reflecting upon the impact of the show that has rapidly climbed to over 100 million views on YouTube alone. 

Instagram: loganpaulThe very first episode of the Impaulsive podcast debuted on YouTube in November 2018.

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Losing to KSI “impactful”

Still not willing to fully accept defeat at the hands of fellow YouTube sensation KSI at their sold-out rematch, Paul highlighted his boxing experience as one of the biggest achievements of the year.

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Switching from an amateur bout, the Los Angeles rematch saw the two competitors up the ante by training as certified professionals and scrapping without any form of protective headgear this time around.

Despite enduring a three month, “grueling fight camp,” Paul lost in the judges eyes in the second contest. In large part due to a controversial foul in the fourth round which saw the YouTuber docked of two points on each of the scorecards. Paul addressed that he indeed “came up short. Sort of,” and that the “two points was bullsh*t,” indicating that he still feels irked about the final outcome of the fight.

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Outlining his plans for combative entertainment in the future, he expressed that two fights are “likely” in the works for 2020. “One MMA and one boxing.”

YouTube: Logan Paul / DAZNThe closely contested rematch took place on November 9.

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Despite everything that the content creator achieved throughout 2019, remaining one of the top-earning YouTubers was not among his list of accomplishments.

Evidently not his primary focus moving forward, Paul has mentioned previously on the Impaulsive podcast that he seems ready to focus his efforts on other ventures in 2020.