Logan Paul reveals his plan to become the “world’s greatest entertainer”

Twitter: Logan Paul

Logan Paul has revealed his ambitions to not only become the best YouTuber, but also grow himself into becoming one of the world’s greatest entertainers across all platforms.

Logan Paul has become one of the faces of YouTube. Alongside the likes of Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg and David Dobrik, Paul has cemented himself in the history books as one of the most popular content creators of all time.

But, he’s hungry to be more than just one of the best — he wants to be the best. Building upon his current legacy, Logan Paul wants to transcend internet culture to become the greatest entertainers of all time, and he’s got plans set.

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“I’ve decided that me as a human, I’m willing to suffer an immense amount to achieve my goal — which is to be the greatest entertainer in the world, because I like to entertain and I want people to forget about their sh*t lives,” he said on the November 29 Impaulsive podcast.

Twitter: Logan PaulLogan Paul wants to become the world’s greatest entertainer, and he’s outlined how he’s going to do it.

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It’s part of a wider journey of self-fulfilment for the YouTuber, who’s life goals are alike to anyone else’s pursuit of happiness. 

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“99.9% of people’s goals — their main objective is to just simply be happy,” he said. “If you are happy, you can’t say that this life sucks or was a failure. Maintaining happiness and being happy is the goal of humans.”

Happiness for Logan Paul is more than money and clicks though, and he believes the superficial nature of some people’s goals can sometimes stray them down the wrong path. 

“You see billionaires with all of these things and money and a lot of the time they’ll tell you that it doesn’t fulfil them. Yet meanwhile, you have a family in Ohio making an income of $50,000 collectively in their home and they’re ecstatic just to be alive and live with each other.”

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While there’s other dreams he’s looking at pursuing, they all relate back to him and his ability to create content for the masses to lap up. Entertaining takes on many forms, and Logan Paul has professed that he isn’t scared to experiment for the sake of his audience.

“Here’s a list of things I want to do: a professional MMA fight, a feature film, I want to do stand-up comedy, and I want to take over digital again, in a way that we haven’t I’ve got all,” he said. “These [are the] things I want to do, I like to dabble.

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“It would be really nice if I could just pull a David Dobrik and focus all of my energy into one thing and become the best vlogger on the planet, but I did that already.”

Twitter: Logan PaulInstagram: KSI
Logan Paul has taken to the boxing ring, but he still wants to chase his dreams of partaking in an MMA bout.

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After conquering YouTube once before, he’s looking at making himself a personality larger than the platform, and he’s taking some time to consider the best way of going about it.

“I want to get strategic and smart with the way and type of content we are producing in the future,” he said.

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“I haven’t released a new video on YouTube for the last week and a half intentionally because we are sort of waiting on this appeal and I don’t want to start hopping into commentary YouTube or regular YouTube or vlogs without some sort of strategy.

“We just bought $10,000 worth of mountain bikes — now old Logan would have made a video saying that “we just bought $10,000 worth of mountain bikes,” but like who gives a f*ck. Instead, let’s make it part of a story of this new ranch we just bought as a fantasy playground.”

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Twitter: Logan PaulThe Impaulsive Podcast is one part of Logan Paul’s plans to become the world’s greatest entertainer.

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Droughts of content can usually be the end of a YouTuber’s stretch on the platform, but Logan Paul is taking solace in the fact that he’s already hit the point where he doesn’t need more to sustain himself, and he can direct all of his energy to bettering himself and hitting his goals.

“I don’t feel bad about it, or like I need to, which is cool that I’ve gotten to a place where I’ve established myself. But now let’s load up and swing big in the right way.”

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