Why is PewDiePie taking a break from YouTube?

YouTube: PewDiePie

YouTube megastar Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg revealed that he would be taking a break from the platform in 2020 but why is he doing so? Here’s what you need to know.

When it comes to solo content creators on YouTube, there is no bigger name than PewDiePie. The Swede, who has been uploading videos to the platform since late 2010, is marching towards 110 million subscribers in what would be another remarkable milestone for himself.

However, despite his sustained success, Kjellberg has found himself aiming to take a bit of time away from the platform – even though he isn’t making a permanent exit or refocusing himself on something a little bit different. 

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YouTube: PewDiePiePewDiePie’s received a personalized reward for hitting the mega 100 million subs mark.

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What is PewDiePie’s reason for taking a break?

So, why is he taking a break? Quite simply, Pewds explained that he wanted to hit the pause button on his YouTube career because of tiredness.

“I am tired. I’m feeling very tired. I don’t know if you can tell,” he said, after making his announcement during his December 14th upload of ‘YouTube’s New Update has a BIG FLAW’. The initial message, he noted, was just a “heads up” to his fans and said that he would “be away for a little while,” and would “explain that later.”

As of writing, the Swede has yet to do so, leaving fans with the news that he will, at some point, step away from regular uploads and take some time for himself.

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As the YouTuber said himself, he has been uploading videos to YouTube for the best part of the last decade and that it would be “nice to not have YouTube in my brain” at some point.

He nearly took a break earlier in the year, August to be specific, and that may have been understandable considering the hard work he’d put in during the battle with T-Series to reach 100 million subscribers. 

Yet, he soldiered on and managed to hit a new boom in growth through Minecraft, his ever-popular meme review series, and even bringing back the ‘canceled’ Pew News on occasion.

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When will PewDiePie return to YouTube?

Pewds’ return to YouTube will be determined by when he actually takes his well-earned and much-deserved break. All we know, as of now, is that it will be some point in the new year with a proper piece of confirmation to come. 

While he’s taken small breaks for holidays and other things in the past and had scheduled videos lined up, that probably won’t be the case this time around.

Despite that, though, plenty of fans will forgive him if he doesn’t decide to produce pre-made content at that time. Either way, his return will be highly anticipated and it won’t matter if he takes two weeks or two months off.

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What is PewDiePie doing in 2020?

2019 was a massive year for the Swede on his channel, perhaps even his biggest. The start of the year saw the culmination of his subscriber war with T-Series, which, despite ‘losing’, gave him a massive boost of subscribers.

But, in his personal life, 2020 might be even bigger. In addition to planning a break away from YouTube, PewDiePie also revealed that he will be moving to Japan with wife Marzia and their two pugs, Edgar and Maya.

Leaving the United Kingdom, where the couple have lived for a number of years, will be a massive change to his life, and something that will undoubtedly be reflected in his content.

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