Logan Paul explains why he’s appealing the KSI fight result

Albert Petrosyan
Logan Paul - YouTube / DAZN

Superstar YouTuber Logan Paul has announced that he will be contesting his losing decision from last week’s boxing rematch with KSI, explaining why in a newly-released video.

There was a lot of hype and anticipation leading up to the rematch boxing fight between Logan Paul and KSI on November 9, which the British star won by split decision.

However, following the match, a lot of the focus was surrounding the controversial two-point penalty leveled against Paul for hitting KSI while he was on the ground in the fourth round.

Paul, his team, and many fans believe the penalty was unjust, and could very well be the reason why he wasn’t able to earn at least a draw.

“I’m just getting bombarded by thousands of people, fans, boxing fanatics, friends, random people on the street telling me the outcome of the fight just wasn’t right,” he said in a November 17 video. “It’s one of those situations where the punishment just simply didn’t fit the crime.”

Paul revealed that he spoke to the referee after the fight, who said he would correct the penalty if it turns out that he made a mistake, which is why the YouTuber has decided to appeal the official decision that he lost the bout.

“I spoke to him at length, and he said if he’s made a mistake, he’s down to correct it,” Logan said. “I wanted to hear this from me first: my team and I have decided to file an official appeal for the fight, because we don’t believe that the outcome was right. That strikes me, resonates with me to my core.”

As for why it’s taken a week since the fight for him to announce the appeal, the internet star revealed that he wanted to take the time to make sure he wasn’t doing it just out of fear of taking the loss.

“And one of my biggest fears with this whole thing was being a sore loser, and that’s why I’m making this video a week after the fight,” he explained. “I really had to check myself, and to make sure I wasn’t doing this I was afraid of losing. But I truthfully, 100% believe that I didn’t lose this fight.”

(Video begins at 10:44 mark for mobile users)

At this point, Logan Paul and his team have done everything they can do in terms of the official decision, and the rest will be up to the California State Athletic Commission to review the fight and decide whether or not the two-point penalty should have been awarded or not.

Of course, whatever decision they do come up with will likely be followed with its own spell of controversy, especially if the result is overturned and KSI is stripped of his victory.

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