Logan Paul & Mike Majlak give honest review of MrBeast burger

YouTube: Mike Majlak Vlogs

The MrBeast Burger is certainly doing the rounds, with a host of internet personalities giving it a try. Now, Logan Paul and Mike Majlak have weighed in, offering their honest review on the fast-food items.

Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson has garnered a reputation for creating unbelievable challenges and handing out ludicrous amounts of money.

His latest venture has been setting up his own fast-food restaurant chain called ‘MrBeast Burger.‘ The food is available to order from over 300 locations across the US and has a range of items on the menu.

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Of course, fast food reviewers such as ReportOfTheWeek have already had their say on the burgers. However, other internet personalities are now weighing in with their opinion on MrBeast’s fast food items. A new video from Mike Majlak has revealed his and Logan Paul’s honest opinions on the food.

Twitter: MrBeast Burger
MrBeast Burger launched on December 19, 2020.

Mike and Logan’s MrBeast Burger review

Competing in the burger market is incredibly difficult, especially in the US. With huge companies such as Shake Shack and Five Guys, the bar is set extremely high for new competitors.

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However, right from the get-go, Logan is impressed with the packaging and the aesthetic of the burger: “aesthetically, they look fantastic, look at how greasy and sloppy it looks – just the way I like a burger”. Mike also comments on the Burger’s appearance, stating MrBeast’s fast food item actually “looks like a competitor for Shake Shack”.

The review only gets better as they both try the burger. Mike is clearly impressed and compliments MrBeast directly: “What can’t this dude do right?”. Logan even offers a rating for the burger, giving it an eight and a half out of ten: “Mike he’s onto something here, that’s incredible…that’s a great burger”.

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Mike finishes off the review with a controversial statement for burger fans, expressing that he thinks MrBeast Burger is better than In-N-Out. Of course, whether you think he’s right or not is completely up to you, but the only way to find out is to give it a try for yourself.

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Overall, it’s obvious Logan and Mike were incredibly impressed with MrBeast Burger. This adds to the numerous other positive reviews from other internet personalities.

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Fingers-crossed MrBeast Burger continues to grow and spreads to other countries outside of the US. Taking the fast-food chain worldwide would certainly be a truly unbelievable achievement.