Streamer Tubbo wins Mr Beast $100,000 Minecraft gift card challenge

Tubbo wins Mr Beast Minecraft $100k challengeYouTube: MrBeast / Twitch: Tubbo

YouTube star and internet philanthropist Mr Beast has unveiled yet another massive challenge for his fans — but it seems that someone won the competition much earlier than anticipated.

On December 28, Jimmy ‘Mr Beast’ Donaldson announced a special challenge for fans of his Minecraft videos, with the grand prize being $100,000 in gift cards.

The challenge tasked Minecraft players with finding all the gift cards in the ‘DreamSMP’ server, with their first hint being revealed only after they killed another player.

The gift cards in question included thousands of dollars to such businesses as KFC, GameStop, Best Buy, AutoZone, and even the Apple Store.

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While Mr Beast announced the challenge in the morning, by that afternoon, someone had apparently already won the entire shebang— a popular Minecraft Twitch streamer known as ‘Tubbo.”

Shortly thereafter, the hashtag #CongratsTubbo was trending across Twitter, with fans and onlookers congratulating the streamer for apparently winning the entire contest much earlier than originally predicted.

That isn’t the best part, though; screenshots from the broadcaster’s stream also went viral across social media, showing Tubbo throwing up his hands in victory.

A clip of the winning moment is enough to bring a smile to anyone’s face, with Tubbo and his friends shouting in joy after the broadcaster finally discovered the gift cards’ hiding spot.

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“Yes! I got it!” the streamer shouts, subsequently spamming “WHOOOO” in his chat.

It’s worth noting, though, that Mr Beast has yet to confirm Tubbo’s win, although a wealth of tweets (and clips from his VOD) show the streamer coming across a series of chests that contain codes for the gift cards he’d won.

However, Karl — another member of Mr Beast’s crew — has congratulated Tubbo via Twitter, leading to an excited response from the streamer in question.

This marks a thrilling conclusion to yet another massive challenge from Mr Beast, who is known for such feats as having his friends stand in a circle for 24 hours to win a huge cash prize and even keeping their hand on a million dollars.

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