Logan Paul & KSI slam reports that PRIME Energy is being recalled in Canada

Virginia Glaze

YouTube stars Logan Paul and KSI are slamming reports that claim PRIME Energy is being recalled in Canada following concerns from a US Senator.

Logan Paul and KSI famously joined forces in early 2022 to launch their very own drink brand, Prime Hydration, meant to be a competitor to sports beverages like Gatorade.

Since then, their brand has exploded in popularity, featuring a slew of new flavors and even an energy drink variant, PRIME Energy.

However, this energy drink line has recently come under fire after US Senator Charles Schumer publicly labeled the company’s energy drink a “serious health concern.”

Prime Hydration Logan paul
Logan Paul and KSI’s PRIME Hydration beverage line is a huge hit with fans – but not everyone is happy with its Energy drink variation.

Since then, PRIME Energy has been the subject of speculation online – and now, reports claim that the drink line was recalled in Canada.

It was recently reported that Health Canada announced on Wednesday it was pulling PRIME Energy from store shelves, claiming that 200mg of caffeine is far too much for consumers.

KSI & Logan Paul reject reports of PRIME Energy being recalled in Canada

However, both YouTubers are denying these reports, saying that they’ve never sold PRIME Energy in Canada, whatsoever.

KSI first called out these claims in a Tweet on July 13, writing, “We’ve never even released PRIME Energy in Canada, lmao.”

Logan Paul was quick to follow, uploading a video slamming said reports and claiming that the only way PRIME Energy was even making its way into Canada was likely due to “illegal” imports of the drink.

“The crazy part about that is, we don’t even distribute PRIME Energy in Canada!” Paul exclaimed. “So, how could it be recalled? The answer is: Illegal or unauthorized imports of the beverage.”

“But of course, traditional media doesn’t care about that, because they just want a headline. They want clicks. The level of misinformation currently being spread around PRIME is actually insane.”

This isn’t the first time that PRIME has been experiencing some difficulties surrounding dubious sales; in fact, KSI claimed that the beverage was being sold for ridiculously high prices by “black market” retailers online, making it extremely difficult for fans in the UK to get their hands on the drink.

This latest news comes after PRIME responded to US Senator Charles Schumer’s concerns about its energy drinks, saying their beverage “within the legal limit of the countries it’s sold in.”