KSI and Logan Paul’s Prime Energy original flavor finally revealed

Meera Jacka
KSI and Logan Paul's Prime Energy original flavor finally revealed

Logan Paul and KSI have released the Original Prime Energy Drink and if you’re wondering what flavor it really is, we’ve got your back.

Former rivals Logan Paul and KSI have been quenching people’s thirst since first coming together in 2022 to release their own hydration beverage, Prime.

With products flying off the shelves and new flavors popping up over time, the YouTubers released a new line of caffeinated drinks in early 2023 with Prime Energy.

Now, the lineup of flavors available has officially expanded, Paul and KSI unveiling a new “Original” drink as the latest addition to their energy beverages… and a tweet from GNC has just revealed what a Prime Energy Original actually tastes like.

Since the new flavor’s release, many have been confused as to what exactly an “original” flavor is.

Creative theories as to what the latest addition to Prime Energy encompasses have already popped up across social media, with one user writing, “I’m confused, is the original Prime Energy basically going to be a meta-moon energy?”

Luckily, GNC has the answers and it’s not meta-moon energy (sorry). Taking to Twitter to share the new energy flavor, GNC wrote, “NEW DROP! [Prime Hydrate’s] newest energy flavor, ORIGINAL is HERE!”

They then offered some insight into what buyers could expect to taste; “This totally original flavor combines a hint of lime and punch of pink grapefruit.”

However, it doesn’t look like everyone is a fan of the flavor combo; “Meh your drink tastes like s**t.” Another person claimed, “Your product is very unhealthy [and] overall garbage.”

Despite some negative feedback, it doesn’t look like Prime will slow in sales anytime soon. Be sure to check out all the latest entertainment news on our page here.

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