Logan Paul & KSI to drop PRIME Energy drinks in US

LoganPaulKSIPrimeTwitter: Logan Paul

YouTube stars Logan Paul and KSI are poised to release a line of PRIME Energy drinks in the United States very soon. Here’s how to get your hands on a bottle.

Former rivals-turned-business partners Logan Paul and KSI first ended their legendary beef in late 2021 and started out 2022 with an unexpected joint business venture: PRIME Hydration.

Their line of sports drinks promises electrolyte replenishment with zero sugar and no calories and has proven to be quite a success for the internet stars, with fans lining the streets on launch day and selling out stores on a regular basis.

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Since then, the PRIME Hydration line has expanded to include two additional special flavors, as well as ‘hydration stick’ flavor packets that can be dissolved in water.

Logan Paul KSI release prime hydration drinkInstagram: KSI, drinkprime

Now, the duo are poised to unleash another member of the PRIME family — PRIME Energy drinks.

On January 3, Paul and KSI took to Twitter to announce this latest update, giving fans some key details about when, where, and how they can get their hands on a bottle.

Where to buy PRIME Energy drinks

PRIME Energy drinks will be available in the United States starting January 4, 2022.

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However, US-based fans can only purchase the new line of bevs via the official PRIME Hydration website, which we’ve linked here.

The drinks will go live for sale at 1 PM EST / 10 AM PT.

According to the YouTubers, PRIME Energy currently boasts five flavors: Blue Raspberry, Lemon Lime, Tropical Punch, Strawberry Watermelon, and Orange Mango.

The website claims that PRIME Energy boasts 200 mg of caffeine, zero sugars, 300 mg of electrolytes, and is completely vegan.

It’s likely that these drinks will sell out fast, as fans are currently experiencing a difficult time buying PRIME Hydration worldwide.

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In fact, KSI blamed the apparent PRIME shortage on black market sellers, as well as claiming that their business has to increase production to meet demand in light of these issues.