Logan Paul is selling his Los Angeles mansion for $9 million

Virginia Glaze
Logan Paul sells mansion for nine million dollars

YouTube star Logan Paul is officially saying goodbye to LA, as he’s listed his Encino mansion for a hefty $9 million price point amid his move to Puerto Rico.

YouTube star Logan Paul initially announced his desire to move from sunny Southern California to Puerto Rico in February 2021, shocking viewers.

Although the influencer has made his home in Los Angeles since 2014, he appeared to be fatigued by the city’s go-go-go atmosphere, claiming he’d been “fiending for a change in my life” and was “bitten” by the bug that’s causing influencers to leave Hollywood in droves.

The star has been back and forth between LA, Puerto Rico, and several other locales over the ensuing months, but seems ready to finally let go of his home in Encino, if a recent listing is anything to go by.

Logan Paul lists Encino home for $9 million

According to reports from TMZ, Paul has listed his Encino mansion for a whopping $8,995,000. The abode features an in-ground pool, a spacious back patio, a wine cellar, and even a billiards room.

That’s not all; the home also boasts six bathrooms and seven bedrooms, weighing in at an impressive 7,667-sq-feet.

Paul reportedly purchased the home for $6.6 million in 2017 — so considering his current price point and recent renovations, it stands to reason that he could make a decent profit from the listing.

Logan Paul house pool
Logan Paul’s Encino home is listed for a reported $8,995,000.

This move marks a major turning point for Paul, although it’s likely a welcome one, considering his Encino home has been a hot spot for several break-ins by trolls and overzealous fans over the years.

However, this isn’t to say Paul has been sticking it out in hotel rooms during his transition from big city to island life; during his training camp ahead of his boxing match against Floyd Mayweather, the ‘Maverick’ stayed in a $10 million Puerto Rican mansion inside a 2,000 acre Ritz-Carlton resort.

Puerto Rico Logan Paul mansion
Logan Paul stayed in a $10 million home during his training camp ahead of his fight with Floyd Mayweather.

Paul’s move to Puerto Rico hasn’t been without controversy. The star was met with ample backlash after revealing tax breaks as a significant factor in his relocation.

It doesn’t look like this has swayed him, however, considering he’s officially cutting ties in LA by selling his home with aims to settle down in the Caribbean.

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