Footage shows Logan Paul’s LA mansion was broken into again

Logan Paul speaks to the camera.YouTube: Logan Paul

Although Logan Paul is one of YouTube’s most popular content creators, being internet famous is no cakewalk, as his home has seemingly become the subject of yet another break-in.

Logan Paul is famous across the social media space for his wild, high-energy vlogs and successful podcast, which both follow his days as a former Vine star before the platform went downhill.

Paul has since settled down somewhat considerably in terms of his content — but his status as an internet sensation is drawing less-than-favorable types to his personal address.

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On October 12, news broke that Paul’s home may have been broken into, as shown by smartphone footage shared by Drama Alert. The footage shows residents speaking to police, claiming that someone had jumped over the locked gate of the Encino mansion.

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During his talk with law enforcement, the resident claimed that he’d been able to get the trespasser out of the home “very nicely,” noting that he “didn’t seem too crazy,” and clarified that no one had been expecting the person at all when asked if he may have been living there.

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While Paul has yet to confirm the break-in via his social media accounts, this would be far from the first time someone has shown up at his home uninvited; Logan performed a citizen’s arrest in 2018 after a stranger broke into his house and fell asleep on his sofa.

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That’s not all; Paul even had to issue a public statement in June 2019, after a fan showed up at his house two days in a row.

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Reports from TMZ state that the fan tried to gain entry to the house on both occasions, ringing the front doorbell and attempting to hop the fence before being scared off by Logan and his housemates.

This latest news comes mere days after vlogging star David Dobrik experienced a frightening encounter with a mentally disturbed fan, who stalked his home for several days and even keyed his assistant’s new car before he called law enforcement.

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In this day and age of social media, privacy is becoming an ever-increasing issue as more and more celebrities find themselves faced with invasive fans and invasions of their personal space and property.

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