Logan Paul goes viral on TikTok for mocking his old YouTube vlogs

Logan PaulInstagram: Logan Paul

Logan Paul mocked his old style of YouTube blog videos in a viral TikTok that has now racked up millions of views.

In his early videos, Paul used to greet his fans saying “Ayoooo good morning Logang, what’s popping?” In Paul’s TikTok, he goes to open the door to go outside his house and as he does so, he says the old greeting before pretending to vomit and laugh.

The video has since gone massively viral with over seven million views so far and over 1.4 million likes. Many fans loved the TikTok for the way it remembered the early days of Logan Paul’s YouTube channel.

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One fan comments “this just brought me back to 2017” while another comment with over 17,000 likes read “I miss it so much” and told Paul he needed “to go back to old blogs.”

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Nowadays, Logan Paul rarely vlogs, with his YouTube content moreso focused on his popular podcast, Impaulsive.

Several other comments got tens of thousands of likes with fans reminiscing. One comment read “Bro omg my childhood” while another said the video “made me happy, made me smile.”

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Another fan posted with over 80,000 likes a comment that read “OG Logang flashbacks intensifying.”

Logan Paul reveals he's starting his own Crypto project, CryptoZoo

In other Logan news recently, things were less positive. He recently made an appearance at WWE’s Monday Night Raw where he was booed by the crowd when he went to speak into the microphone. Paul brushed off the booing by responding to the fans at the event saying, “look, I know you don’t love me yet, but I love all of you.”

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Logan has also dropped hints he might be exploring his own crypto-project called “CryptoZoo”. It’s been described as an autonomous ecosystem where owners breed, collect, and trade hybrid animals.

He also signaled he might be moving away from YouTube saying on August 18 saying on a podcast that he’s “on a different mission now.” He has been active on YouTube since 2007.

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