Logan Paul flops at WWE Raw as fans boo YouTuber out of the building again

Logan Paul WWEScreenshot via YouTube: WWE

YouTube sensation Logan Paul made his return to the squared circle in an August 23 episode of WWE’s Monday Night Raw, though the social media star could barely get a word out amidst the crowd’s negative reaction.

While AEW soars to new heights with the return of CM Punk, WWE continues to veer in an alternate direction. After a brief Wrestlemania appearance that didn’t quite go his way, YouTuber Logan Paul returned to the mic in the latest episode of Raw. At least, he attempted to.

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Paul’s latest involvement saw him in the ring with wrestling veterans The Miz and John Morrison. While the popular tag team tried to get Paul ‘over,’ the San Diego crowd wasn’t ready to play along.

Whenever the social media celeb raised his microphone, thousands of WWE fans made their voices heard – booing Paul louder than anyone else on the show.

“Look, I know you don’t love me yet, but I love all of you,” Paul said in an attempted babyface promo. Struggling to get his words out, the crowd continued their booing throughout the entire segment.

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Evidently going off the rails, Paul couldn’t even respond to a question from Morrison before Miz’s entrance music hit to try and salvage the appearance. “Tonight just keeps getting better,” Corey Graves said on commentary despite the relentless boos.

“These boos are so loud for Logan Paul that I legit can’t hear what is being said,” WWE Analyst Ryan Satin said while in attendance at the Pechanga Arena.

Miz even tried to steer the conversation towards Jake Paul instead, commenting on his upcoming fight with Tyron Woodley, but the older Paul brother continued to be met with deafening hate from the lively WWE crowd.

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After a few minutes of screen-time, Paul went backstage as Miz and Morrison continued their work for the night. There’s no telling if the YouTuber was supposed to remain involved had the crowd reacted in a more positive manner.

Regardless of the boos, Paul was able to elicit a huge reaction from the WWE fans. As a result, this likely isn’t the last we’ve seen from him inside the ring.