Logan Paul explains why he won’t apologize for abortion comments

Virginia Glaze
imPaulsive, YouTube

YouTube star Logan Paul met with longtime rival KSI for their UK press conference on October 7 – but some of Paul’s trash talk sparked outrage across the net, which he addressed in the season finale of his ‘imPaulsive’ podcast.

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Paul took a few shots below the belt toward KSI during their on-stage showdown, referencing alleged rumors that his opponent had forced multiple women to undergo abortions after getting physical with them.

“I might kill this man,” Paul taunted. “Y’all may not know, but JJ’s on his fifth abortion. His fifth. That’s five babies dead. And I think Imma return the favor. And I might kill you, man.”

(Timestamp: 13:13 for mobile viewers)

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Needless to say, much of the net was outraged over the YouTuber’s comments, which spurred the creation of the “#loganpaulisoverparty” hashtag shortly thereafter.

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Paul addressed the outrage on an episode of his ‘imPaulsive’ podcast three days later, staunchly reminding critics that he’d drawn phalluses on each Senate member who’d voted in favor of Alamaba’s proposed abortion ban in mid-May.

“Yo, I’ll say it,” he announced after referencing his “semi-viral” artwork. “I’m pro-choice. And I’m happy to be vocal about it.”

(Timestamp: 38:10 for mobile viewers)

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That’s not all: Paul claimed that he’d made the controversial statement as a means to get under KSI’s skin ahead of their rematch, and explained why he hadn’t issued an apology for the divisive sentiment.

“We just felt that because I did not take a stance and I said something that was harsh in the context of a fight where I am trying to kill this man and he’s trying to kill me,” he continued. “Because that could happen in boxing, we’re taking it that seriously… We definitely didn’t feel like an apology was necessary. Maybe a clarification.”

imPaulsive, YouTube
Logan Paul’s comments during the UK press conference sparked outrage across the net.
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Although he feared he’d get “canceled” again, it doesn’t look like the Maverick mogul is slowing down anytime soon, claiming that his comeback from the infamous “Suicide Forest” incident in Japan was his “biggest fight” in light of his upcoming bout.

KSI and Logan Paul will touch gloves in the Los Angeles Staples Center on November 9 , with streaming provided through sports broadcasting site DAZN.