Logan Paul explains why Floyd Mayweather vendetta turned personal: "This isn't a game anymore" - Dexerto

Logan Paul explains why Floyd Mayweather vendetta turned personal: “This isn’t a game anymore”

Published: 1/Jun/2021 1:11 Updated: 1/Jun/2021 5:20

by Virginia Glaze


YouTube star-turned-boxer Logan Paul is set to face off with 50-0 champ Floyd Mayweather in just a week’s time — but what was supposed to be a lighthearted exhibition match has turned intensely personal.

Logan Paul’s upcoming fight against Floyd Mayweather was somewhat sidetracked by the YouTuber’s little brother, Jake Paul, resulting in a serious feud between the influencers and one of boxing’s most prolific stars.

Just after the Logan Paul vs Mayweather press conference on May 6, Jake Paul struck up a fight with the champ, taunting him before nabbing his hat and running away.

The resulting brawl was one for the books, with Jake Paul earning a bloody mouth and a bruised face as recompense for his actions — but that wasn’t the only outcome of their scuffle. Mayweather promised to “kill” Jake in the heat of the moment, leading big bro Logan to take heightened security precautions.


This ordeal has turned their exhibition bout into a full-fledged grudge match, with potential for a fight against Jake Paul looming on the horizon, to boot. As a result, Logan Paul claimed that things have gotten pretty personal between him and Mayweather… even though that isn’t what he wanted to happen.

“I was gonna keep it professional / respectful, like boxing centric, until he started threatening my brother’s life over the hat thing,” Logan stated in an episode of the True Geordie podcast. “That’s when I was like, ‘This is not a f***king game anymore.'”

“He’s gonna try to make an example out of me for my little brother to see,” he continued. “A, f*** that. B, f*** you for threatening my family.”


Logan Paul vs Mayweather poster
Instagram: Logan Paul
YouTube star Logan Paul and boxing legend Floyd Mayweather will face off on June 6.

Logan then blasted Mayweather for bringing up allegations of sexual assault against Jake, noting that the champ had a grudge against Logan by proxy due to the brawl with his little brother.

“He’s got this vendetta against Jake and by default, now that affects me, and that shit’s just really personal.”

Only time will tell who comes out on top, or if Mayweather actually ends up taking out both Paul brothers in one night, as he boasted during the press conference.

Fans can tune into Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather via Showtime PPV on June 6.