Jake Paul responds to sexual assault allegations from former Team 10 member

Jake Paul stood in front of a planeIG: Jake Paul

American YouTuber Jake Paul has responded to further allegations of sexual assault, saying that they are “from years ago” and are “100% false”. 

Sexual assault allegations were first made against Jake Paul on April 9, 2021, by Justine Paradise. She alleged that Paul sexually assaulted her after she made it clear she wasn’t interested in engaging in sexual activities with him.

“I couldn’t tell him not to, he didn’t ask for consent or anything. Like, he knew I didn’t want to do anything with him because he said ‘if nothing’s going to happen, what’s the point?’” she said in her YouTube video.

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Paul responded to the allegations on April 13, denying them vehemently and saying he plans on “pursuing this defamation of character to the full extent of the law.”

Jake Paul/Instagram
Jake Paul is the younger brother of YouTuber and ex-Vine star Logan Paul.

Attention on the allegations fell somewhat, as a result of Paul’s fight against ex-MMA star Ben Askren, which took place on April 18, and resulted in a comfortable first-round win for the YouTuber.

However, more allegations have emerged after the fight, this time from Railey Lollie, a model who began working with Paul when she was 17 years old. As reported by The New York Times, Lolley claims that Paul regularly commented on her appearance and often called her “jailbait”.

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She alleges that one evening after filming a video in 2017, Paul groped her. Lolley states that she told Paul to stop immediately, and he left the room.

Paul was questioned about the allegations by ESPN’s Max Kellerman, to which he said: “All these allegations, the things that are said about me, are from years ago. They’re 100% false, and my legal team’s following up with these people to make sure they’re held accountable for the things that they’re saying, ’cause they’re not true and they’re gonna damage my brand forever.”

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The outcome of the allegations remains to be seen, but Paul has claimed his innocence whenever he has addressed them publicly.

We will continue to update you as more information becomes available.

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