Logan & Jake Paul drop $21 million each on jaw-dropping Miami penthouses

Instagram: TheRealDeal, Jake Paul / YouTube: Logan Paul / E11EVEN Residences

Boxing brothers Logan and Jake Paul are set to drop some serious cash on two luxury penthouses in Miami, Florida after leaving Los Angeles for the Caribbean.

Jake and Logan Paul are two of the biggest names in the influencer game, and they’re about to expand their ever-growing empire in a major way.

We’ve already covered the myriad ways in which the Paul bros have spent their YouTube fortunes; from Jake flexing a $500,000 boxing belt (complete with designer bags and watches) to Logan dropping millions on NFTs, these two aren’t afraid to put their money where their mouths are.

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Most recently, the Pauls sold their respective mansions in Los Angeles and moved to Florida and Puerto Rico — and it looks like their Caribbean lifestyles are here to stay.

Puerto Rico Logan Paul mansionYouTube: AnyHome
Logan Paul stayed in a $10 million home during his training camp ahead of his fight with Floyd Mayweather. Now, he’s dropping $21 million on a Miami penthouse.

As reported by TheRealDeal over on Instagram, Jake and Logan Paul are set to purchase two penthouses in Miami, Florida… the asking price for both of which is listed at $20.5 million.

The penthouses are part of a planned 65-story apartment complex from E11EVEN Residences, called ‘Beyond.’

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The residence has been penned as totally “exclusive” and will feature 461 fully furnished, luxury units.

jake paul talks to loganYouTube: Logan Paul
Jake and Logan Paul have transitioned from careers as full-time YouTubers to professional boxers with a growing NFT empire.

Take a look at Jake & Logan Paul’s planned $21 million penthouses

As for amenities, Beyond is set to include a signature restaurant, a “93-foot resort-style pool,” a fitness center, and office suites, and more.

You can check out images of the Beyond plans in the Instagram post below. If the finished product is anything like the original concept, it’s safe to assume that the Pauls’ cash will be money well spent.

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According to reports from TheRealDeal, the brothers haven’t disclosed how much they’re offering for the units, but they are expected to sign contracts once the holidays are over.

Could Miami be the next home of YouTube’s biggest stars? Only time will tell; Beyond is set to finish construction in 2025 and will break ground in 2022, so we’ve got a few years before the Pauls grace us with a couple of luxury penthouse tours.

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