Small Twitch streamer goes viral with weirdest take on hot tub streams yet

Georgina Smith
Twitch streamer Tinneh does the weirdest hot tub stream

Small Twitch stream Tinneh is going viral for her creative approach to the popular hot tub trend on the site, hosting her stream while sitting in a tiny bucket.

The hot tub trend on Twitch has been taking over the site recently, with countless streamers participating. The idea is that a creator will host a stream in swimwear from a hot tub, making the most of Twitch’s rules that allow swimwear to be worn on camera.

This trend has naturally stirred up controversy, with some streamers saying it’s “not appropriate” for this platform, and others defending the women who take part in the trend and slamming Twitch for their “inconsistent” enforcement of rules.

However, the streams still remain immensely popular. While most stream from an actual hot tub, not everyone just has one on standby, so some have had to get creative when doing their own hot tub stream.

That was the case for streamer Tinneh, who decided to use a small orange bucket as her substitute for an actual hot tub.

While she didn’t put water in it at first, eventually she chose to fill the bucket up with water from the shower, making it look slightly more like an actual hot tub stream.

The sight was certainly a bizarre one, but Tinneh’s viewers were enjoying her creative approach to the popular trend.

She spent the whole stream either sitting in the tiny bucket or at least staying in the cramped corner of her bathroom, staying committed to her “poor” version of the hot tub content.

While the streamer only has 3.6k followers, one of the clips from this stream got over 100,000 views, with people loving the bizarre setup.

It seems that this trend is showing no signs of slowing down, with more and more streamers participating and racking up views as they do so. Whether any guidelines will later be put in by Twitch is yet to be seen, but in the meantime, people are getting creative with their hot tubs.