KSI says he would go “nowhere near MMA” after KO’ing Joe Fournier

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YouTube star KSI has updated fans on his MMA prospects, saying he won’t go anywhere near the sport following his controversial boxing victory over Joe Fournier.

KSI is coming fresh off his second boxing win of the year — but this result has been met with quite a bit of contention from viewers.

The British YouTube star KO’d his opponent in the second round of their highly-anticipated May 13 bout, but many believe that the knockout was illegal, arguing that KSI had knocked Fournier in the face with his elbow.

Although KSI himself argues that he “landed that hook,” Fournier has appealed his loss, and the boxing commission is now set to make a decision on Friday, May 19 after a period of deliberation.

It’s well-known that the use of anything other than one’s gloves is illegal in the sport of boxing. However, in other combat sports, kicks, elbows, and grappling are allowed. See Muay Thai, also known as the ‘Art of Eight Limbs,’ as it allows fighters to use their fists, feet, elbows, and knees in a sanctioned match.

Shortly after KSI’s contested victory, viewers began joking that the Brit should take up MMA — something that Jake Paul has already started doing, having signed with the Professional Fighter’s League at the beginning of the year.

KSI dismisses claims of starting MMA after Joe Fournier KO

Despite this, KSI is adamantly against taking up another discipline outside the Sweet Science. The YouTuber addressed these jokes in a May 16 video reacting to his latest win, saying he doesn’t want to go anywhere near MMA.

“I mean, f*ck me, if I’m knocking people out with my forearm and my elbow, maybe I should be getting into MMA,” he laughed. “Maybe I’m in the wrong sport!”

“Nah, I’m kidding,” he clarified. “I wouldn’t go nowhere near MMA, man. I have seen what those guys gotta do and deal with, and I am good.”

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It’s clear that KSI has no desire to step into the octagon anytime soon. In fact, the influencer had made plans to retire from boxing this year — but after some comments made on the MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani, it’s looking likely that his long-awaited match with Jake Paul could happen in early 2024.

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