KSI admits he would be “pissed” if Joe Fournier win is overturned to a disqualification

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Influencer boxer KSI admitted he would be extremely frustrated if his recent win against Joe Fournier is overruled as a disqualification following the controversial finish that saw KSI get the TKO after his elbow connected with Fournier.

The recent fight between KSI and Joe Fournier has been making waves lately, in large part due to the controversial finish that saw KSI get another win. While throughout the fight KSI had the upper hand, he ended up winning the match after he seemingly struck Fournier with his elbow.

The moment has been going viral on social media, with many other boxers, including Jake Paul, throwing their thoughts and opinions out on the finish online.

However, in a new interview with Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour, KSI spoke candidly about the finish and what his reactions are now looking back at the footage.

KSI discusses the finish at the x timestamp below: 14:55

“I truly still believe that I hit him with the glove and while he’s falling, because it was so fast, and if you look at the playback normal speed, you’ll blink and you’ll miss it. I feel like I came through and it probably grazed him but a lot of the impact hit with the forearm.”

When the content creator was then asked how he would react if the win was overturned, KSI spoke candidly about how he would be “fine” with a no-contest result but would be frustrated if it was overruled as a disqualification.

“If it’s a no-contest, fine. I’ll be pissed if it’s a disqualification because I didn’t intentionally try to hit him with my forearm or my elbow or whatever.”

KSI vs Joe Fournier fight result still yet to be confirmed

Time will tell what the final result ends up being. However, we’ll be sure to keep you updated here at Dexerto when more information is released about the final ruling between the KSI and Joe Fournier match.

Joe Fournier himself has also been vocal about his opinions on the outcome of their fight. After the match, Fournier accused KSI of cheating, saying in a post-match interview: “They cheated, clear in black and white. The ref was right there, watched it. I’ve never been cheated like that in my life. I can’t believe it.”

With a formal appeal now underway, we’ll have to wait and see what becomes of the ruling in the near future.

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