Jake Paul signs deal for MMA debut with PFL and makes Nate Diaz fight offer

jake-paul-ufc-fighter-payInstagram: Jake Paul

Jake Paul has inked a deal with the PFL – Professional Fighters League – to finally step into the world of Mixed Martial Arts, as he’s invested in the UFC competitor and is actually going to fight.

Ever since Jake Paul got involved with boxing, he’s also had ties to the world of Mixed Martial Arts – be that through fighting former UFC stars or his trash talks with the likes of Dana White and Conor McGregor.

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A swap from boxing to MMA has constantly been referenced by ‘The Problem Child’ as he’s had open invites from the likes of Bellator. Though, he’s always spoken about his desire to fight in the UFC – even offering to retire from boxing for a shot.

Seeing as his ongoing feud with Dana White makes that pretty unlikely to happen, Jake will finally be making his MMA debut with the PFL – Professional Fighters League – as he’s signed up as an investor.

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Jake Paul to make MMA debut in PFL & calls out Nate Diaz

That’s right, as per the New York Times, the YouTuber-turned-boxer has invested in the PFL and signed a “multiyear deal” with the UFC competitor.

As per their report, Jake will fight at least once in the PFL in 2023, joining their new ‘Super Fight’ division for pay-per-view events. This division will see fighters will earn at least 50% of the pay-per-view revenue, which is something Jake has been advocating for from the UFC. He is the fighter signed to this division, according to Jake.

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On top of that, he’ll also be the ‘Head of Fighter Advocacy” with the PFL. “I’m going to use my platform to market PFL fighters and introduce them to my fans worldwide,” the YouTuber said. “I, personally, will be deeply involved in making sure the PFL is the best place in the world for fighters.”

In one of his first moves, Jake called out Nate Diaz for a “two fight” deal where they’d first square off in the boxing ring before getting into the PFL cage around six months later.

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“If that’s not balls, then I don’t know what is,” Jake said. “Nate Diaz, I’m down to fight you in your own damn sport. It’s a two-fight deal, let’s make it happen.”

Just like his brother Logan, Jake does have a background in amateur wrestling, and competed in high school. He has also dropped training videos of himself while kickboxing in recent times.

The 26-year-old is reportedly planning to return to boxing in February, so his cage fighting debut may have to wait a little while yet. Though, there will plenty of excitement around it when it finally happens.

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