KSI roasts Austin McBroom’s idea of Logan Paul vs Bryce Hall boxing fight

Images of KSI, Bryce Hall, and Logan Paul next to each otherYouTube: KSI / IMPAULSIVE / Instagram: brycehall

After Austin McBroom suggested that YouTuber Logan Paul and TikToker Bryce Hall should fight each other, JJ Olatunji a.k.a. KSI has responded to the idea.

Since the Battle of the Platforms fight event in June, influencers haven’t slowed down when it comes to trying to set up their next fight, throwing challenges out left, right, and center.

In particular, Austin McBroom, who was the winning headline fighter of the event, has been keen to set up another Social Gloves event. He’s been thinking hard about who he could fight next, and he’s got his sights set on KSI as he explained in an interview with paparazzi.

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But in an unexpected comment, he also suggested that Logan Paul fight Bryce Hall, Austin’s former opponent. “For Logan, get a win, bro. Before you say anything, get a win,” he said. “And like I said, I think Bryce would be a good competition for you, you need a win. So I think if you beat Bryce, then me and you can talk.”

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But in an August 5 YouTube video, after describing Austin as a “stepping stone” and a “warmup,” KSI went on to comment on the idea of Logan and Bryce fighting.

“You got it all wrong, Austin,” he said. “So you think Logan is gonna stoop down to fight Bryce. Bryce Hall? If, when, he beats Bryce Hall, then he can then fight you or something. That’s assuming Austin, that you beat me. Which is just not going to happen.”

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When Austin brought up the idea of a 2v2 between the four fighters, KSI responded: “What’s going on? What is he on about? Austin, shut up.”

With conversations constantly going on publicly, and no doubt behind the scenes as well, it’s not clear who will ultimately end up fighting who. But everyone has quite different ideas when it comes to who would be better matched in a fight.