Austin McBroom teases another Battle of the Platforms after YouTube vs TikTokers success

Austin McBroom

Austin McBroom’s first new video following his fight against Bryce Hall seems to indicate that a new Battle of the Platforms event will be “coming soon.”

McBroom took on Hall on June 13 as the headline fight of the TikTok vs. YouTube “Battle of the Platforms” and there’s no doubt he dominated, but his latest video following the matchup could be the first news this wasn’t a one-off event.

The event was all the internet was talking about (for a few days at least) so it’s not surprising that Social Gloves, the promotion company behind the fights, would want to hold another one.

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The video itself is your usual recap of the fight you’d expect to see from the ACE Family channel, but there’s one screen in particular that caught our attention right at the end.

After Austin has hugged his wife and basked in the glory of victory, the video cuts to a shot of the arena, then an all black screen with the Social Gloves logo that says “Battle of the Platforms 2” is “coming soon.”

Other than the black and white title screen, Austin’s video didn’t provide a whole lot of details on the second event, but if he included it in his own video, there’s a decent chance he could be fighting in it as well.

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McBroom and KSI could have a bout in the works as well, as both unofficially said they’d be willing to duke it out.

Ace Family
Even though there were no other details provided, at least we know another event is in the works.

Of course, we don’t know any of the actual details of who will be in Battle of the Platforms 2, or if they’re on Twitch, YouTube, or TikTok, but we do know it will be happening eventually.

So, could we see Vitaly take on Nelk Boys SteveWillDoIt, or Nessa Barrett throw down with Mads Lewis? As of right now anything could be possible, so we’ll just have to wait and see.