Bryce Hall responds to Logan Paul fight idea from Austin McBroom

Logan Paul in image next to Bryce HallYouTube: Impaulsive / Instagram: brycehall

TikToker Bryce Hall has responded to forming boxing rival Austin McBroom after he revealed in an interview with paparazzi that he thinks he should fight Logan Paul next.

Influencer boxing has been a steadily growing craze over the past few years, particularly within the last few months with Jake Paul’s fights and the Battle of the Platforms event.

Stars are constantly keeping in mind who they’d like to fight next, and none of them shy away from calling other creators out on social media to try and get an event set up.

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Austin McBroom and Bryce Hall were the main fight of the night at TikTokers vs. YouTubers, and although both did large amounts of preparation, it was ultimately Austin who ended up taking the win.

The winner is already keen to set up another Social Gloves event in which he’ll fight another big creator, and in an interview with paparazzi, he even suggested a huge opponent for Bryce, after saying he wants to fight KSI soon.

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“For Logan, get a win, bro. Before you say anything, get a win,” he said. “And like I said, I think Bryce would be a good competition for you, you need a win. So I think if you beat Bryce, then me and you can talk.”

He went on to say: “That’s gonna be a good fight. Like I said, Bryce is a tough dude, people don’t give enough credit to Bryce, they really don’t.”

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Bryce Hall responds

The next day on Twitter, Bryce responded to Austin’s theory that he should fight Logan, and he seemed to be fairly baffled by the suggestion.

“I wake up to: a weird insta caption I’m being tagged in, my ex commenting on it, Austin McBroom suggesting I fight Logan Paul. I’m never drinking again,” he wrote.

However, so far it’s not totally clear whether the star would be up for the challenging fight. It appears that Logan himself has yet to address Austin’s comments, but if the pair both agree to fight there’s no doubt it will cause a stir on social media.

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