KSI vs Tommy Fury result changed as judge submits ‘incorrect’ scorecard

Brad Norton
KSI next Tommy FuryInstagram: KSI / Instagram: TommyFury

The controversial result of the KSI vs Tommy Fury fight has already been updated less than 24 hours removed from the boxing contest as one judge reportedly miscalculated their score.

After months of build-up, push finally came to shove on October 14 when KSI stepped into the ring against the undefeated Tommy Fury. Going all six rounds, the YouTube superstar held his own against boxing royalty, with many believing he did enough to win on the scorecards, especially given earlier fouls saw Fury have a point deducted.

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As the scores were announced in front of a roaring 21,000 fans in Manchester, however, Fury was declared the winner by majority decision. One judge had it as a draw while two others scored it in favor of Fury.

Immediately claiming he would appeal the decision, KSI was visibly furious in the ring, arguing it was a blatant “robbery.” Now, the scores have indeed been updated, though not quite how the social media celeb had imagined.

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Fury’s win over KSI has now been updated from a majority decision to a unanimous decision victory. One judge reportedly submitted an ‘incorrect’ scorecard as they miscalculated the rounds.

Having now adjusted their decision accordingly and added the six rounds up correctly, the outlying judge is now in line with the rest of the panel in scoring the fight 57-56 for Fury.

As a result, it’s now even more of a definitive victory for the still-undefeated boxing prodigy, who holds official wins over both Jake Paul and KSI.

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“In the ring and watching it back, I feel like I should have won,” KSI followed up on his own social media accounts, doubling down on his stance. “Either way, I feel like I accomplished what I wanted to in the end.”

For now, we’re yet to see an official appeal lodged by KSI’s camp in an effort to have the judge’s scorecards reassessed. Even with an appeal, however, there’s obviously no guarantee the decision is overturned.

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So as it stands, Fury now boasts this unanimous decision victory over another influencer, while KSI’s future in the sport remains dubious.

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