KSI dismisses Logan Paul’s warnings over potential Andrew Tate fight

Virginia Glaze
KSI dismisses logan paul's concerns about andrew tate fight

YouTube star KSI isn’t in agreement with friend and fellow creator Logan Paul, who warned the influencer against organizing a fight with controversial internet personality Andrew Tate.

KSI emerged victorious in his dual-fight event against ‘Swarmz’ and Luis Pineda on August 27 — and he already had his next opponent in mind, directly challenging Andrew Tate as he stood sweating in the boxing ring.

While some fans are excited about the possibility of seeing KSI knock the inflammatory figure to the canvas, others aren’t too jazzed about the idea, arguing that he would be giving Tate a platform amid his multiple social media bans.

Logan Paul is one of these wary viewers, who notably warned his friend and business partner against taking on Tate in the ring during an episode of his IMPAULSIVE podcast.

“You wanna replatform this guy?” he asked. “Anyone. You wanna have him on your shows, do you wanna give him another opportunity to speak and spread his agenda? Because whether you believe it or not, the s**t that Andrew Tate is saying will have a ripple effect much more dangerous than you can imagine.”

KSI argues against Logan Paul’s warning over Andrew Tate fight

KSI reacted to Paul’s warning in a YouTube video a week later, where he acknowledged his friend’s concerns… but also had some points of his own to posit.

“Oh, 100%,” he responded. “But like, I would derail all of that if I knock him out. How can he be seen as a ‘Top G’ if I’ve beaten him in the ring? You call yourself a Top G, but you got beat by a YouTuber.”

“Yeah, you’re this top alpha, but you got beat by me. Literally all his fans wouldn’t know what to f**king do. They would malfunction. They’d be like, ‘F**k! Our king, our messiah has been defeated. What do we do now?”

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For now, it’s still unclear if a fight between these two internet personalities will ever happen as KSI continues to negotiate a possible bout with Jake Paul for 2023.

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