KSI claims “scared” Jake Paul has gone silent over talks for long-awaited fight

Connor Bennett
KSI and Jake Paul side by side looking at camera wearing white shirts

KSI continued his war of words with Jake Paul over the negotiations for their boxing match, claiming his longtime rival has “aired” him as he’s “scared” to fight.

When YouTube boxing first started making waves back in 2018, it seemed pretty likely that KSI and Jake Paul would square off to settle their beef. 

It’s been five years since then, and the longtime rivals haven’t gotten close. They’ve constantly talked about fighting each other, with them even negotiating to fight before the end of 2023, but it appears as if they haven’t made any progress in recent weeks.

Jake has claimed that he’s open to doing it in the UK, but KSI shut down his “winner take all” offer, noting that he hasn’t yet paid Tommy Fury for that fight. The Brit has even claimed that Jake has “aired” him on negotiations since then. 

KSI says Jake Paul has “aired” him on talks for boxing fight

That’s right, in another round of trash talk, KSI claimed that ‘The Problem Child’ is “scared” to fight him and has “aired” the contract that he sent over. 

“Bro, for real, he’s just constantly chatting s*it,” the British YouTube star said in his March 28 video. “I don’t understand how his audience just eats up all this s*it that comes out of his mouth. All the time!

“Let’s meet in the middle, 180, that’s perfect for me and him! Like yeah, we just went back and forth, and eventually, he just aired my request to sign the contract. Just fight. Look, at this point, Jake doesn’t want it, which is hilarious because Jake was seen as ‘the guy’.”

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As KSI has been keen to point out, he’s already eyeing retirement at the end of the year and wants to go out with a bang by fighting the winner of the Jake vs Tommy Fury rematch. 

That rematch is reportedly in the works for July, but Tommy has also claimed he’ll fight a ‘bigger’ fight before Jake. So, there are plenty of moving parts that could ultimately make it not happen.