Jake Paul & KSI trade blows in explosive Twitter spaces chat amid contract negotiations

KSI next to Jake PaulInstagram: KSI / YouTube: Jake Paul

It’s all but inevitable KSI and Jake Paul will eventually fight, but until that day comes, the two continue to trade blows online as this time, the pair erupted in a heated Twitter space amid alleged contract negotiations.

From the early days of the influencer boxing takeover, KSI and Jake Paul have been destined to clash. With both fighting each other’s brothers to kickstart their combat sports careers, they’ve been on a collision course ever since.

While the matchup is yet to properly materialize, it appears 2023 is finally the year the two will come face to face inside a boxing ring. However, the highly anticipated clash could have already been locked in, according to Paul, who slammed KSI on Twitter both in a heated rant over a voice call and on the timeline.

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KSI allegedly received a formal bout agreement “over a month ago,” according to Paul. “I offered to come to the UK, 185 pounds and 10 rounds,” he claimed. “He and his team have yet to respond. The offer is to come to the UK in December, 2023. If he doesn’t respond next week after his show, then it’s going to have to be in the US.”

This initial post soon led to an intense Twitter spaces voice call with both Paul and KSI joining in to once again bicker and hurl insults at each other.

Firstly taking aim at KSI’s last-minute replacement for the upcoming MF & DAZN Series 004 boxing event, Paul criticized him for not picking a tougher opponent than FaZe Temperrr.

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“That’s what I did when Tommy [Fury] pulled out,” he yelled, “I fought Woodley again.” No stranger to last-minute changes of his own, Paul has had multiple changes in opponent throughout his career, largely thanks to Fury backing out on multiple occasions. In this instance, he labeled KSI vs Temperrr as a “waste of time.”

Next, the two went back and forth over the quality of their matchups. With Paul arguing he’s fought real fighters along the way, he claimed his experience vastly outweighs KSI’s.

“Have you fought anyone younger than 40?” KSI asked. “Why would I be afraid? You know I would f*** you up.”

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“If you would f*** me up, how comes you haven’t done it yet?” Paul replied. “You came back to act like you were gonna fight me, then when the negotiations happened you got scared. Your ego can’t handle this sh.”

Admittedly praising a handful of Paul’s tougher matchups, KSI did go on to say he’s “done a great job there,” but the positive remarks didn’t last long. “When I come through and flatline you, you will understand there’s levels to this game,” he added.

Having allegedly sent over the aforementioned contract and agreed to a bout with the British influencer, Paul fired back in claiming KSI is “ducking” him. “You’re ducking me and you’re scared. The greatest thing to ever happen to you is Prime and my brother brought that to you. I’ll see you later.”

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With a date for the tail end of 2023 still seemingly in focus for the inevitable clash, both KSI and Paul ended the conversation by doubling down. “End of the year,” KSI concluded, indicating that push may finally come to shove by the time this calendar year is said and done.