KSI shuts down Jake Paul’s $30M fight offer as rivals clash again

KSI and Jake Paul in boxing gear side by sideDexerto

YouTube star KSI has shut down Jake Paul’s offer for a winner take all fight worth $30 million, claiming that his longtime rival still hasn’t paid Tommy Fury yet.

Over the last few years, as they’ve bought continued their exploration into the world of boxing, KSI and Jake Paul have toyed with the idea of fighting each other.

The longtime rivals had seemingly been on a collision course after they beat Logan Paul and Deji, respectively, but that hasn’t been the case. Talk has reignited following Jake’s loss to Tommy Fury at the end of February, with KSI seeing it as a potential way to round off his boxing career. 

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While the Brit has signed to fight Joe Fournier on the Misfits 007 card, he has been trading words with Jake once again – with ‘The Problem Child’ offering ‘The Nighmare’ another winner takes all fight. 

KSI rejects Jake Paul’s offer for $30m winner takes all fight

It all kicked off again on march 23, with KSI declaring that he’d be the “pound-for-pound best YouTube boxer” if he beats Fournier on May 13. 

That, naturally, caught Jake’s attention, with them going back and forth with some trash talk. Eventually, Jake threw down the gauntlet for a fight. “$30M to the winner, 0 to the loser if you want me to agree to your request of 180 pounds and rehydration clause. Agree to that and I’m in. You just supposedly bet £10M so this should be easy to contract right?” he tweeted. 

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However, while he had previously accepted a winner takes all fight with Jake, KSI shut that idea down. “Ain’t no way I’m doing this deal cos you still ain’t paid up for your last deal with Tommy Fury after he slapped you up,” KSI responded. 

As noted, the pair had stated that they’d do a winner takes all fight at Wembley at some point in 2023, but that idea seemingly went up in smoke once Jake lost his undefeated record. 

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It remains to be seen if they’ll ever touch gloves and fight, but fans are still hopeful. 

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