KSI agrees to fight IShowSpeed on same day as Jake Paul boxing match

Michael Gwilliam
ksi vs ishowspeed in boxing match

KSI has accepted IShowSpeed’s sparring challenge, but on the condition that it’s on the same day as rival Jake Paul’s return to the ring.

On December 15, Jake Paul is set to take on Andre August in his next boxing bout and it seems like he’s going to have more to contend with than just struggling ticket sales.

On November 28, YouTuber IShowSpeed called out fellow influencer KSI, urging him to accept a sparring match and name a date so the two can duke it out, with Speed vowing to kick the Prime co-founder’s ass.

Unfortunately for Jake Paul, his rival seems to have picked a date to compete directly with him for viewership, potentially taking eyes off his match if it’s streamed.

KSI takes aim at Jake Paul with IShowSpeed sparring match date

Shortly after IShowSpeed’s challenge, KSI agreed, however, with the stipulation that it’s on December 15, the same day as Jake Paul’s match with Andre August.

“December 15th, come through and let’s do this,” he said.

While KSI didn’t mention Jake Paul, the two have been feuding for a long time despite never actually battling each other in the ring.

Both fighters had their unbeaten streaks ended by Tommy Fury, so the verdict on who is the better boxer remains up in the air. Nonetheless, KSI sparring Speed on the same day as Jake’s fight is unlikely a coincidence, as their feud extends beyond just who is the better boxer.

Their rivalry has even seen pay-per-view sales compared. Notably, the Prime card featuring KSI vs Tommy Fury and Logan Paul vs Dillon Danis reportedly matched a PPV buy record.

Only time will tell if Jake Paul and KSI end up settling their differences in the ring, but this sparring announcement is just the latest jab in the feud between the two fighters.

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