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Kid catches on fire while jumping over blazing rope during IRL stream

Published: 3/Jan/2020 21:26

by Michael Gwilliam


IRL Twitch streamer CJayRide was horrified after a child appeared to catch on fire while jumping over a flame-covered rope during a live broadcast.

CJayRide was at a fire show at Langkawi Beach in Malaysia, and was mesmerized when he noticed people were jumping rope with fire – a burning twist to the popular activity.

A woman held one end of the rope while a man in a wheelchair grabbed hold of the other and twirled it for on-lookers to join in and partake in the activity.

Twitch/cjayrideThis takes rope burn to a whole other level.

“Jump roping fire? Oh yeah, I used to do this as a kid too,” the IRL streamer sarcastically said as he observed the spectacle, and as the kid began jumping.

“Oh sh*t,” he gasped as the boy did three rotations without fail. However, by the ninth or tenth skip, the young child tripped and appeared to become engulfed in flames.

Quickly, the streamer turned the camera away from the boy and back onto his own paralyzed face, seemingly immobilized in awe at what he’d just witnessed.

“Okay, he’s on fire,” he observed. “That kid is actually on fire. I had to turn the camera. Am I allowed to show that?”

A few moments later, the action picked up with another challenger attempting to jump over the fire rope. However, this time, before the brave attendee could even get a single skip in, the rope hit his leg, prompting him to jump away.

“This is kinda insane,” CJayRide laughed, still in shock.

For his part, the IRL streamer has experienced some crazy sights on his channel. Back in July in 2019, he was attacked by a man who didn’t want to be filmed. One month later, a stream sniper pretended to mug him before revealing the whole thing was just a joke.

It seems like there’s never a dull moment with CJ and hopefully he keeps producing more quality content in 2020.


TikTokers Lexi Rivera and Ben Azelart explain why they broke up

Published: 24/Nov/2020 14:31

by Alice Hearing


Internet personalities Lexi Rivera and Ben Azelart have explained why they broke up after three years together, in an emotional video posted to YouTube.

Lexi Rivera is known in association with her brother Brent who is one of TikTok’s biggest creators with 35 million followers, while Lexi herself has more than 14 million followers on the app. The siblings also have a combined 19.5 million subscribers on YouTube.

Ben Azelart is also heavily associated with the siblings and has himself built up a huge following of 11 million followers on TikTok. But fans were devastated to find out this week that the duo were no longer a couple.

Lexi and Ben posted a video explaining why, saying that they thought they owed their fans the truth. Lexi said: “I have so much respect for Ben and he’s like literally one of the best people I’ve ever met in my entire life.” Ben responded, “I mean the same goes for me, Lexi is one of the nicest, sweetest, funniest people I’ve ever met.”

Lexi Rivera Ben Azelart break up
Instagram: Lexi Rivera
Lexi and Ben dated for three years

Addressing their viewers, Lexi explained why it took so long for them to officially break the news: “I know that it’s been super confusing for you guys and that is because it’s been just as confusing for us we’ve been very just on and off again and I don’t think we were really sure what we wanted to do until now.

“Having a relationship is one thing, but having a relationship online is a completely different story and it was very confusing for us. Honestly, it wasn’t easy being young like we were 15 and 16.

Lexi went on to say that the relationship no longer made them both happy. “We both had so much fun doing it, but I think as years went on it just became a little too complicated…I think what was hard is we want to make you guys happy as well as make ourselves happy.

“Ultimately we just didn’t do both and I think what’s most important was focusing on ourselves for now.”

Lexi and Ben finished by saying that they’re not parting ways forever and that they both felt it was just the wrong time to be together.