IRL Streamer CJ Gets Fright of His Life After Stream Sniper Pretends to Mug Him - Dexerto

IRL Streamer CJ Gets Fright of His Life After Stream Sniper Pretends to Mug Him

Published: 22/Aug/2018 20:09 Updated: 22/Aug/2018 20:15

by Virginia Glaze


Notable Twitch streamer CJ was in the middle of an IRL stream when he was confronted with a supposed mugger.

Stream snipers are a definite probability for those looking to stream their daily activities – and CJ is no exception.

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Known for his IRL streams and large Twitch following, CJ was conducting another livestream as per usual when a stranger confronted him. The individual could be heard off camera demanding CJ’s money in a threatening tone.

“Give me all the money in your pocket.”

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CJ replied that he didn’t carry cash in an attempt to ward off the supposed robber.

Lucky for him, the stranger was just a stream sniper, who quickly revealed his true intentions with good humor.


“I’m just fucking with you. I’m a stream sniper!”

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CJ embraced the sniper with a friendly handshake, seemingly relieved at the turn of events. After a brief message to the chat, wherein he declared that streamer JakenBake was ‘gay,’ the sniper walked away to get into his vehicle.

“Oh… make sure you get some chicken, man. What’s your name?”

“Kevin,” (the sniper appeared to say.)

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Lucky for CJ, this interaction ended with smiles. His chat appeared to be thoroughly convinced of the mugging, posting the Jebaited emote upon the sniper’s self-reveal.

This event follows CJ’s departure from Taiwan, where he stirred up controversy for hosting a party that shone Taiwanese women in a negative light. Now, CJ is back in the states, and making unlikely connections with stream snipers during his IRL excursions.