Emiru & Asmongold think “awful” Kick viewers will be detrimental to streamers

Emiru Asmongold KickYouTube: Steak and Eggs podcast

Twitch streamers Emiru and Asmongold have shared her thoughts on why “awful” chatters on Kick will be detrimental to streamers moving to the up-and-coming platform.

Over the last few weeks, Trainwreck’s new streaming platform Kick has gained insane popularity among some of the most popular creators.

Adin Ross recently made the switch from Twitch to Kick alongside Train and Corinna Kopf.

Many have complained about potentially racist viewers on the platform, and OTK co-owner Emiru says this will be detrimental to streamers unless Kick does something about it.

Emiru & Asmongold think “awful” Kick.com chatters will hurt creators

During the latest episode of the Steak and Eggs podcast with Asmongold and Tectone, Emiru explained why she believes some chatters on Kick will hurt creators.

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Before she shared her thoughts, Tectone brought up the recent controversy involving people in Kick chat posting slurs and symbols, calling them “awful.”

“I get that people see the appeal of ‘I can do whatever I want, the freedom,’ but I feel like it’s so detrimental to actually building a community because you’re driving so many people away,” so explained.

(Topic starts at 8:49 in the video)

Asmongold was quick to add his thoughts about the situation as well. He said: “It’s like if you’re a normal person and you go into the chat and just a bunch of [hateful symbols], A lot of people are going to see this and go somewhere else.

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“There is a big audience for this, though. Edgy 17-year-olds are going to f*cking love it. That’s where they’re going to get their viewers.”

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